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Culpepper Landing Saluted as Environmental Steward on the Elizabeth

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

We are excited to announce that The Elizabeth River project recently noted Culpepper Landing as Achievement Level for 2013 for significant results in pollution prevention and wildlife habitat. Located next to the Dismal Swamp, Culpepper Landing has conserved 150 acres of wetlands and forest and recently planted 3 more acres of wildlife habitat as a buffer along the edge of the development. Developers planted native pines, maples, wax myrtles and magnolias. Read More…

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Culpepper Landing… a neighborhood built on tradition

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Welcome to Culpepper Landing’s Blog. That offers me the chance to introduce you to this “Traditional Neighborhood Design” neighborhood but more importantly to the history of this lovely neighborhood and the surrounding area. We are bordered by the intra coastal water way and the Dismal Swamp, so there are lots of history and interesting stories.

My first adventure into the Dismal Swamp was many years ago as a lass of 2 or 3. My parents stopped on their way to my Mom’s hometown for a bit of a picnic. There I was -brave little adventuress in my most beautiful dress with a sash and full skirt sitting on the bank of the canal. I can remember thinking okay, here I am with my legs dangling towards the water… now how do I gently get up and over to the picnic table where my Mom was laying out the good stuff? Suffice it to say I must have taken a slide forward instead of backwards and so, with no ceremony but plenty of tears,I fell into the drink. My next memory is of my Dad reaching down and probably by the same tied-in-a-bow sash plunking me out of the water.

A few decades later, I find myself the Co-Mayor (self appointed) of Culpepper Landing, along with Doreen Giuliano, my partner in selling these homes. We have the privilege of watching this community grow. Developed on the Culpepper family farm, bordered by the Dismal Swamp and intra coastal waterway, this development has a vision of a return to a lifestyle of yester year. While the Village of Deep Creek is a memory, we hope here on the Culpepper farm to recreate that community where neighbors know one another, watch each others children grow up and have the kids know the family next door and down the street! In the suburbs it’s a sad fact that type of community doesn’t always exist.

I’ll share the saga of Culpepper Landing as it grows and share a few stories of the history of this area. From the Culpeppers who owned the land and now are the developers, to the street people, (those whose names are used to designate the streets in Culpepper Landing), to the farmers who farmed the area. From Robert Frost to Harriet Beecher Stowe and Moses Grandy, I’ll tell the story of each and more. I want you to know the Village of Deep Creek and how we are turning back time to that way of neighborly living.

We are a traditional neighborhood development that emphasizes a to return to a style of development which encourages neighbors to get to know one another. Front porches and decks look out over the streetscape so as you rock away the cares of the day on your front porch, you can wave and commiserate with the neighbors taking their evening stroll, whether pushing a baby stroller or walking the family dog.

Check back, I’m gabby and have lots to share!