Culpepper Landing

Return of the McMansion?

A recent Wall Street Journal article discussed how McMansions – those hated icons of the mid 2000’s housing excesses – are coming back. It stated the average housing size year-to-date for 2013 had grown to 2,642 square feet. That’s a bit frightening when you consider that’s just an average. And the story pointed out that this phenomenon was largely the result of move-up buyers who still had reasonable access to low-interest-rate mortgages taking the opportunity to “buy all the home they could afford”. It was a backhanded nod to how difficult it is for today’s first-time buyers to gain access to credit and those same low interest rates. While there’s certainly some truth in that, we think there’s more to the story when you look locally.

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We believe the incredible success of Culpepper Landing is its appeal to people who aren’t looking for McMansions, but right-sized homes in an amenity-rich setting developed in an environmentally-sensitive manner and surrounded by 150 acres of protected conservation areas. Our homes are affordable and appeal to this generation of buyers who are concerned about great design over pure big-box square footage. Buyers who understand that it’s the total cost of ownership that matters, not just the mortgage payment. Our builders are c0nstructing intelligent, livable square footage with modern materials, green techniques and an eye towards keeping monthly utility bills lower – freeing up more money in your monthly budget. Sure, Culpepper Landing can satisfy your need for a larger home if that’s your desire. And we’ll do it with style and efficiency. But it’s also great to know that whether you are interested in a low-maintenance Villa, the glamour of our decked out Row Homes or a single-family home that is “right-sized” just for you, you’ll be purchasing in a neighborhood designed to sustain your home’s value over the long haul.