Culpepper Landing

Edgar Allen Poe, Dismal Swamp and a Neighborhood that’s anything but Dismal

Just a few days ago, January 19, would have been Edgar Allen Poes’, 201st birthday. Born in Boston, MA, after the death of both of his parents, he moved with foster parents to Richmond, VA.  Though he had a short life (dying at the age of 40), he left behind a legacy of writing. He is credited with starting the Detective / mystery writing genre.  The poem he is most famous for The Raven, is said to have been penned after a visit to the Dismal Swamp.  Along with Longfellow and Harriet Beecher Stowe, he is one of the many writers to have been inspired by the mystery of the Dismal Swamp.

When it’s a bit foggy outside and at night with the gases coming out of the swamp causing mysterious light, it is easy to see the inspiration. Though the swamp be referred to as Dismal, not so this wonderful neighborhood bordered by the swamp and the inter coastal waterway.

I say that the neighborhood is anything but Dismal… based on the number of visitors coming in to check out our neighborhood. We will be adding two families to the neighborhood this coming week.  The real estate market is down in many parts of the country, for Doreen and I it seems not so in our neck of the woods!   One visitor this weekend pointed out the number of homes he saw being built and how reassuring that was.

It’s music to our ears to pull in and hear the hammers going.  It is wonderful to see so much activity going on in the neighborhood. I watched today as one of the neighbors mowed his lawn while the children played on their bikes.  Folks out walking their dogs and families out exploring the neighborhood, just as the vision of a traditional neighborhood development theme calls for.  I smiled as I locked the model home at the end of the day.

We wrote another contract today for a family moving back to Chesapeake from a neighboring city.  It’s a privilege to help bring folks home to Culpepper Landing.