Culpepper Landing

Robert Frost, Dismal Swamp and a Cold Winter’s Day

Did I mention the “street people” of Culpepper Landing. Let’s talk about Robert Frost and his connection to the Dismal Swamp. So the story goes, Robert Frost was wild about a girl.  He had aspirations of marriage…. She thought finishing their education and then moving toward the alter was the way to go.  Robert Frost had dropped out of college and decided to visit her un announced! Not good in his day. She refused to see him so Robert Frost decided to head south to the Dismal Swamp and end it all.  Instead after making his way to the Dismal Swamp via Norfolk, VA to Deep Creek,  he spent some time and decided this wasn’t the way to end it all. Finally he returned North to his true love who later became his wife! Nice ending to the story wouldn’t you say.

We’ve had an awesome beginning to the year 2010 with a flurry of activity and some new folks deciding to call Culpepper Landing their home.  In spite of the extremely cold weather our visitors have been braving the cold to come and take a look.  As I was showing a family the Dover plan this weekend they were lamenting the fact they missed Homearama. I only have two Homearama homes left to show.  All the others have been scooped up.   The Elizabeth, built by Widener Homes, is an excellent specimen of Charleston style architecture.  A wrap porch and balcony give an unmatched curb appeal to this lovely home.  All the amenities in a new home they you could dream of with the charm and character of yesteryear that makes this a place you can really call home.  Check out the virtual tour on our website.  You won’t be disappointed.