Culpepper Landing

Dog Parks to be part of neighborhood amenities at Culpepper Landing

Before I tell you about the dog parks coming to Culpepper Landing… let me tell you about my dog Taz.   A terrier mix, a feisty little fellow strong as an ox, ornery as my Granddaddy ever was, and in true terrier form, patrolled my back yard to keep any intruders away… in whatever form they came,  a squirrel, a bird,  a neighbors kid.  He liked kids I must say.. adults sometimes, not so much! 

 My son Sean wanted a dog and a fellow I knew wanted a new home for his dog so off we go to bring Taz home.  He never was a “house dog” he preferred the outdoors in his younger years.  As he aged he decided inside the garage was acceptable and a kennel with the door left open was fine to sleep in.  So I provided heat to the garage in the winter and a fan in the summer and if it rained… all of a sudden he wasn’t going anywhere!  I added a dog door for ease of commute from indoors to out but he would have no part of it!  “You can leave the door open and while you are gone I’ll come and go as I please.. and no worries no intruder will get pass me,” sincerely Taz.  Last night I came home and found Molly , Taz’s pal already inside the kennels whimpering… couldn’t see why and then I heard a bark coming from Taz, didn’t sound good. My little fellow had had a stroke. I called my friend Nancy to come over and called the Vet and waited for his advice.   Thank God, for friends like Nancy always there in a time of crisis… the Vet was very kindly and gentle with Taz as he put him down. Not an easy decision but the best one for my little guy.   Taz was independent, stand offish at times, but his eyes told the tale. Beautiful brown eyes that looked sweet and gentle… and though he wouldn’t always let you pet him, his eyes said it all.  I really loved that dog.  

Culpepper Landing is a neighborhood that understands the pet lovers out there!  The developers have dog parks planned in Culpepper Landing. We not only want to bring you home to Culpepper Landing we welcome your pets as well.

My first introduction to Dog Parks came about 12 years ago when my daughter Summer, headed off to school at Tulane University in New Orleans.   While visiting her we took her dogs to what she and her husband referred to as the “dog levy”.  The Dog Levy, is an off leash area for the dogs to run and socialize with their peers while their owners got to know one another and share stories about their canine companions.  I went on that first outing with much trepidation. You see I had the mistaken notion that the dogs would all want to fight one another!  Not so, though occasionally an unruly lad or lass would try, their behavior was quickly corrected.  Wow this was like Planet of the Dogs! 

Dog Parks are popular world wide. They offer a place for dogs to run and exercise and be with their pals. They encourage their owner’s off the sofa and out the door to the dog park where they also socialize getting to know their neighbors.  A great article on dog parks can be found on Wikipedia… here’s the link